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USF Affiliated Faculty

College of Arts & Sciences

Africana Studies

Rodriguez, Cheryl, Ph.D.
Urban Anthropology –Community Research; Gender, Race, Class and Policy; Black Women, Activism and Politics; Youth and Community.


Baer, Roberta D., Ph.D.
Nutritional and medical anthropology, ethno-pharmacology, international development (Latin America, contemporary U.S.)

Castañeda, Heide, Ph.D.
Social inequality and medicine, transnational labor migration, immigrant and refugee health, health policy, citizenship, border politics (Mexico & U.S.)

Davis-Salazar, Karla L., Ph.D.
Anthropological archaeology, complex societies, human-environment interaction, water management, gender, mortuary ritual, ceramics, the Maya (Mesoamerica, and Central America).

Himmelgreen, David, Ph.D.
Nutritional anthropology, dietary acculturation and obesity among women and children in Hartford, Connecticut and in Tampa and on the impact that ecotourism is having on food choices and nutritional status of households in Costa Rica.
Madrigal, Lorena
Genetics, Sickle-Cell Anemia, Human Fertility, Natural Selection, and Living Populations (Costa Rica)

Jayaram, Kiran, PhD.
Anthropology of political economy,mobility, and education, and the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba.

Romero-Daza, Nancy, Ph.D.
HIV/AIDS, women's health, health problems in the inner city, infant mortality, drug abuse, commercial sex. Focus on Hispanic community.

Wienker, Curtis.
Forensic and biomedical anthropology, cultural influences on human population biology, biology of Cubans and African Americans.

Schmidt, Ella, Ph.D.
Women and Development in Latin America, Class and Ethnicity in the Americas ( Mexico and Central America). (St. Pete Campus)

Tykot, Robert H., Ph.D.
Archaeological science, ancient diets and spread of maize in Latin America, and marble in Mesoamerica.

Wallman, Diane Ph.D.
Caribbean History and Prehistory; Atlantic Slave Trade; Historical Archaeology; Colonial Subsistence; Human-environment dynamics.

Wells, Christian E., Ph.D.
Archaeology of Mesoamerica and the American Southwest, complex societies, political and ritual economy, ceramic and soil analysis, quantitative methods.

White, Nancy,Ph.D.
Prehistory of the Americas, American archaeology, origins of complex societies, cultural and human ecology, archaeological theory, cultural contact and interaction, gender in anthropological perspective, cultural resource management, public archaeology, and sea level rise along the Gulf Coast from Florida through Mexico.

Whiteford, Linda M., Ph.D.
Medical, applied anthropology; public health; health care delivery; reproduction. Research Interests: Caribbean, Latin America.

Yelvington, Kevin A., Ph.D.
Social anthropology, ethnicity, class and gender, work and class, development studies, historical approaches (Latin America, Caribbean, U.S.)

Zarger, Rebecca K., Ph.D.
Sociocultural anthropology, environmental anthropology, ethnoecology, ethnographies of childhood, public engagement in environmental policy, conservation, migration and environmental change, environmental education (Central America and the Caribbean).

Behavioral Sciences

Batsche, Catherine, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of the College of Behavioral & Community Sciences.

Carrion, Iraida Ph.D
Associate Professor in the School of Social Work and is an affiliated faculty in the department of Anthropology.

Hernández, Victor, Ph.D.
His research interests focus on the interface that integrates the design, implementation, and evaluation of educational strategies designed to connect curriculum, teaching, and learning in work contexts as a means to maximize career-oriented learning for all students.


Crisman, Tom, Ph.D.
Freshwater Ecology

Child and Family Studies

Callejas, Linda, Ph.D.
Conducts research and evaluation in the areas of collaborative community development initiatives, behavioral health disparities among minority populations, and racial and ethnic identity formation, especially among U.S. Latino populations.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mihelcic, James, Ph.D.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board; Past President – Association of Environmental Engineering & Science Professors

Trotz, Maya, Ph.D.
Sustainability, water quality, ecotourism and small scale mining impacts on sustainable livelihoods, climate change, environmental/environmental engineering education in formal and informal settings in the US and in developing countries.

College of Marine Science

Muller-Karger, Frank, Ph.D.
Marine primary production, monitoring of large-scale phenomena, understanding climate control and climate change, interpretation of numerical models of the ocean, and assessing the importance of continental margins(Venezuela).

College of Public Health

Mason, Thomas, Ph.D.
Specializes on Assessment of Environmental and Occupational and Exposure-Related Health Effects.

Hoare, Ismael, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Specializes on Injury Prevention, Caribbean and Central American Health Systems amd Community Health Assessment

Calvo, Arlene, Ph.D.
Specializes on Health Education

Community and Family Health

Martinez-Tyson, Dinorah Ph.D
Dr. Martinez Tyson is bilingual (English/Spanish) and is academically trained in applied medical anthropology and epidemiology. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community and Family Health in the College of Public Health and also a Courtesy Professor in Anthropology.

Electrical Engineering

Moreno, Wilfrido, Ph.D.
System integration for industrial applications in the areas of Industrial Controls & Instrumentation, Robotics, Digital Signal Processing, Reconfigurable Architectures, Analog-Digital Mixed Signal Design & Synthesis, Communications and Biomedical Engineering.


Mooney, Susan, Ph.D.
Comparative literature; nineteenth and twentieth-century Hispanic and American literatures; theory.

Graphic Studio

Smith, Noel, M.A.
Institute for Research in Art, Visual and Performing Arts

Global Health

Callegari, Carlos, Ph.D.
Pediatric Endocrinology, Health Education Administration and Leadership

Izurieta, Ricardo, Ph.D.
Tropical and Infectious Diseases

Government and International Affairs

Amen, Mark, Ph.D.
Issues of globalization and political economy, globalizing cities, governance and finance/credit, and theories of international relations.

Reiter, Bernd, Ph.D.
Democracy, Civil Society and Racism in comparative perspective; Education Reform in comparative perspective; Qualitative research and nonprofit management.

Roach, Steven C., Ph.D.
International Law and Politics, Human Rights, Globalization, and International Critical Theory.

Vanden, Harry Ph.D.
Comparative Politics - Latin America – Democratization


Novoa, Adriana, Ph.D.
Cultural conflict and identity formation in post-independence Latin America.

Francis, Michale
Spanish colonial experience in Florida, culture contact and historical archaeology of Spanish borderlands, Spanish paleography, Pre-Columbian art history, Colonial Latin American history

Ramos, Frances
Colonial Latin America, especially Mexico

Humanities and Cultural Studies

Belgrad, Daniel, Ph.D.
19th and 20th century cultural and intellectual history, environmental history, regional cultures, Mexican culture, and cultural and literary theory ( Mexico).

Rachel May
Human Rights, Revolutionary Movements/Ideology, Popular Social Movements, Leftist Politics.

Library and Information Science

McCook, Kathleen de la Peña,Ph.D.
Distinguished University Professor, Latino Librarian of 2002

Cunningham, Nancy
Director, Academic Services USF Tampa Library, Special Collections and Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS)

Psychological and Social Foundations

Hernández, Victor, Ph.D
The interface that integrates the design, implementation, and evaluation of educational strategies designed to connect curriculum, teaching and learning in work contexts as a means to maximize career-oriented learning for all students (Mexico).

Zalaquett, Carlos., Ph.D.
Psycho-therapy and counseling techniques, multi-cultural counseling, characteristic of successful Latina/o students, mental health and education in the Americas (North, Central, South, and the Caribbean).

Secondary Education

Cruz, Bárbara C., Ph.D.
Global and multi -cultural perspectives in education, with an emphasis on ethnic minority students.

Smith, Phil, Ph.D.
English Language Teaching Management, Second Language Acquisition and Instructional Technology. ( Brazil).


Rahill, Guitele, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Social Work in the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences at USF

Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman, Ph.D
Latin America, Brazil, Race & Ethnicity, Mental Health, Social Psychology, Racial Socialization, Family.

School of Geosciences

Connor, Charles, Ph.D.
Modeling volcanic processes,probabilistic forecasts of volcanic activity heat and mass transfer of volcanoes.

Tobin, Graham, Ph.D.
Natural hazards, water resources management and policy, and environmental contamination, evacuation strategies and health problems associated with volcanic eruptions, socio-economic and environmental impacts of flooding and hurricanes, and pollution reduction strategies in urban areas (Ecuador, Guatemala).

Dixon, Timothy
Dixon uses space geodesy (GPS, InSAR) to study tectonics and volcano deformation, coastal subsidence, aquifer depletion, carbon sequestration, and melting of ice sheets and glaciers.

School of Social Work

Carrion, Iraida Ph.D.
Associate Professor, School of Social Work

Rahill, Guitele, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Social Work in the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences at the University of South Florida


Aranda, Elizabeth, Ph.D.
Dr. Aranda’s research focuses on immigrant incorporation and the emotional facets of migration. She is also interested in how race, ethnicity, social class and gender shape the process of immigrant adaptation.

Hordge-Freeman, Elizabeth Ph.D.
Dr. Hordge-Freeman joined the Sociology department and ISLAC in August 2012. Her primary research focuses on racial socialization and the reproduction of inequality in African-descended communities in the Americas, particularly Brazil. Her other areas of interest include social psychology, family, gender, and emotions.

Theatre & Dance

Finelli, Patrick M., Ph.D.
Theatre History, Contemporary Performance Theory, Caribbean Theatre and Sound for the Stage.

World Languages

Arbesu, David, Ph.D.
David Arbesú is Assistant Professor of Spanish at USF, where he teaches courses on Medieval and Golden Age Spain, and Transatlantic Florida Studies.

Chinea-Thornberry, Maritza
Ms. Chinea-Thornberry was born in Puerto Rico. She has taught Spanish for native and non-native speakers. She is currently the Teacher Assistant Coordinator for the first year of Spanish and the Coordinator for Destinos-Spanish Telecourse.

Brescia, Pablo,Ph.D.
Theory and history of Latin American short fiction; 20th Century Mexican and Southern Cone Narrative and Colonial Mexico ( Mexico and Southern Cone).

Cámara, Madeline, Ph.D.
Hispanic Languages and Literature, Women Studies.

Cano, Carlos, Ph.D.
Language Education

Davies, Celia
Portuguese Instruction

Ramírez-Wohlmuth, Sonia, Ph.D.
Proffessor Ramírez-Wohlmuth teaches undergraduate courses in Spanish at all levels including expository writing, introduction to Spanish linguistics, and introduction to Spanish translation.

Simeon-Jones, Kersuze., Ph.D.
Francophone Studies: Africa and the Caribbean, Comparative Literature of the Black Diaspora, Black Internationalism: Literary and Socio-Political Movements, Women History within the Diaspora.

Scharm, Heike, Ph.D.

Interdisciplinary and comparative approaches on modernity in contemporary Hispanic fiction (philosophy, literature, film, art in Spain, Latin America, and Europe).