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USF-ISLAC Study Abroad

USF offers a series of enlightening study abroad programs to Latin America and the Caribbean, icnluding the list below, which are directed by ISLAC affiliate faculty

Study Abroad Salvador Bahia, Brazil

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In 2007, under the leadership of Dr. Bernd Reiter, ISLAC initiated its first education abroad program to Sao Luis, Brazil! This year, Dr. Hordge-Freeman is excited to be expanding into other areas by leading our new study abroad program to Salvador da Bahia, Brazil! Salvador is a UNESCO Heritage, located in the northeastern region of Brazil, and it is characterized by a unique blend of African, European, and Indigenous cultures.

This program offers an intensive four week summer immersion program in 1) Afro-Brazilian culture and society and 2) Portuguese Language, earning students a total of 8 credits. The culture course will be taught with an interdisciplinary approach, drawing from sociology, political science, and anthropology to study contemporary issues such as, discrimination, Brazilian culture and social institutions, and social movements. This program is unique because students will live with Brazilian families in a home-stay arrangement. In addition, there are several excursions to nearby towns (Cachoeira and the Island of Itaparica) as well as opportunities to participate in cultural activities such as capoeira. In the past, approximately 90% of the students on this program were actively enrolled USF students, and approximately half of the USF students in the program have been enrolled in a certificate or degree program offered by ISLAC. We welcome both graduate and undergraduate students from across the country to participate. There is no cost to apply, but space is open on a first-come, first-serve basis. Apply now at:

For more information on Study Abroad Salvador, Please contact:

Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman
Assistant Professor, Sociology and ISLAC

Study Abroad Argentina

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Also, a study abroad program on Human Rights on Latin America has been slated to take place in Argentina starting in the summer of 2011. The University of South Florida will collaborate with the International Association of Studies (AIE) of Buenos Aires, to offer USF credit for a course entitled “Human Rights in Latin America” and Spanish language study, as well as service learning in Buenos Aires. The human rights course will be taught in English by Argentinean legal professionals, scholars, and activists. In addition to Spanish language instruction, the program includes an internship with a human rights organization. The program will be led by ISLAC director, Dr. Rachel May and Dr. Pablo Brescia, an ISLAC affiliate faculty member from the department of World Languages.

For more information on Study Abroad Argentina: Human Rights Internship, Please contact:

Rachel May, Ph.D.
ISLAC Director

For more information on Study Abroad Argentina, Culture and Language program, Please contact:

Pablo Brescia, Ph.D.
World Languages Department and ISLAC Affiliate Faculty

Study Abroad Florianópolis

Study Brazilian Culture, Portuguese Language, Global Economy, and Natural Resource Management in one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing countries in the world. Click here to view flyer.

Study Abroad Costa Rica

Under the guidance of faculty members from Anthropology and Engineering, students conduct research in local communities on issues related to health that can be addressed from a cross-disciplinary perspective.  Students present their results in an academic as well as in a community setting. In addition, students participate in a day-long health fair in one of the local towns and immerse themselves in the culture of the area by living with home-stay families. For more information, please click here

There is also a program that features Spanish language classes from beginning through intermediate levels, taught by host institution and USF instructors in pleasant facilities.  Class sizes are small by design to facilitate learning.  Pre-departure and on-site orientations will prepare students to gain the most from the experience.  Organized cultural excursions to locales outside of San Jose complement classes. For more information, please click here

Belize Higher Education: A View of Higher Education in a Developing Country

This education abroad program is designed to provide participants with an overview of a higher education system in a developing country that has been built around the junior college model. St. John’s Junior College, the first ever college in Belize, was created in 1966, based on the American Junior College model. Since that time, nine more junior colleges have been created to address the higher education needs of the country. In recent years, additional higher educational opportunities have emerged with the creation of the University of Belize, an in-county presence by the University of West Indies, and the addition of a private university (Galen University). For more information, please click here

Students can also travel to Belize to explore rainforests and reefs. Students will learn from local scientists about tropical forest and coastal ecosystems and gain field expereince. While in Belize, students will spend half of their time at the - Chiquibul National Park, where students will stay at the Las Cuevas Research Station (LCRS) and half of their time at Caye Caulker Marine Reserve (CCMR). Students will stop on their way to Caye Caulker Marine Resreve at the Belize Zoo to explore the zoo's wildlife conservation program. For more information, please click here

For more information on all Latin American and Caribbean Study Abroad Programs, Please contact:

Rene Sanchez
Education Abroad
CPR 465, Tel. 813-974-3104

In addition to USF-ISLAC study abroad programs, the USF Education Abroad office over International Affairs offers several programs in Latin America and the Caribbean countries including Panama Health, Argentina Economics, Honduras Anthropology, Costa Rica Spanish Language. Not all programs are offered every semester so please check with the Study Abroad Office to know the availability and requirements for each program.

For more information, please visit